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MTB Hopper Intro

MTB Hopper Intro
This item is currently not available.


This ramp is the smallest ramp in line up, ramp is an introduction to jumping with least costs. Designed for scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and MTB/BMX riders (both kids and adults). It is perfect for small jumps at low speeds. Now with a butter smooth take-off. Ramp is super light (only 3,5 kg) .

It is the ideal ramp for beginner riders, especially for their first jumps, as it allows them to enhance their skills in a safe environment. The Intro ramp is also excellent for advanced and professional riders looking to perform big jumps and tricks.

This ramp is the smallest in our lineup and serves as an introduction to jumping at minimal cost.

The most outstanding feature of this ramp is that it comes pre-assembled, so you don't waste time during jump sessions.

New INTRO ramp has the same geometry that was liked by MTB riders but it also has a lot of new features:
1. It has a butter smooth take-off geometry because of a newly designed top part that is bent.
2. Ramp is even lighter than before (only 3,5 kg)
3. Ramp has a wider height adjustment amplitude (from 290 to 350 mm)
4. Ramp is more adaptive and stable on uneven surfaces because of the diagonal attachment position of legs.
5. The overall length of the ramp is increased to 965mm (900mm on the older model.) This makes the ramp less aggressive and gives a jump that is smoother.

- The Intro was designed for scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and MTB/BMX beginners (both kids and adults).
- It is perfect for small jumps at low speeds.
- The Intro ramp is a safe way to improve skills.
- Very convenient to carry around with your bike, skateboard, scooter, etc. as a backpack.
- Super easy & instant assembly.

- Intro has a perfect balance between fun and safety.
- Adjustment amplitude - from 290 mm to 350 mm in height (Leg travel of 60 mm).
- Overall length - 965 mm.
- Surface radius R 3500 mm.

- Newly designed bent top part construction (Less noise, more buttery smooth feeling when riding).

- Intro works perfectly with Skinny, Lite, Coach ramps.