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Check out all our downhill mountain bikes for sale at Cranky's Bike Shop in Edmonton

Downhill MTBs are designed to handle the steepest slopes and biggest terrain features with maximum speed and control. If you're a downhill racer or a bike park fanatic, these mountain bikes will give you all the confidence you need to take on the toughest trails out there.

Jump directly to any of our mountain bike categories, or read our How To Choose A Mountain Bike guide to find out which MTB is right for you.

Session 8 is a downhill mountain bike with a burly alloy frame and high-pivot suspension design that keeps you nimble, planted, and blazing fast on even the most punishing runs. - New suspension layout with a high pivot and idler pulley increases traction, carries more speed, and reduces pedal kickback for more stability - Virtually zero pedal kickback means you’ll stay confidently planted and in control during descents—especially when landing jumps or drops - The high pivot design delivers a more efficient rearward axle path so you’ll carry more speed and your wheel won’t get hung up on obstacles - Adjust your suspension progression by flipping the lower shock mount chip—20% for plush park rides, 25% for racing efficiency - Our new DH sizing system is based on reach, not rider height, which is the most important factor in a great downhill bike fit
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