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Bike Fitting 

Every rider benefits from a professional bike fit.

Getting your bike professionally fit to your body and your riding needs is not just for racers. You are unique, and your position should reflect that. The Cranky’s Bike Shop fit protocol prioritizes the rider over everything else, which is why we invest the first hour of our fit session in figuring out what makes you... you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a world champion, or a new rider buying your first bike. Everyone gets the same first-class treatment. Helping riders get the most out of their cycling experience is our top priority, this is why we believe in the “Fit First” philosophy.

How to Book a Bike Fitting

Please e-mail your First Name, Last Name and phone number to Once we have received your e-mail one of our Fit Technician's will call you to arrange an appointment.

 All fitting services are by appointment only. Additional labor charges may occur. Parts and GST are not included in fit prices.

Precision Fitting: The How's, Why's, and What's...



This is where we get to know you. The interview process allows us to understand the type of rider you are, this along with your fitness and riding goals will influence the way your bike will be fit to you, taking into consideration previous pain on the bike and any other related injuries.

off bike assessment

Off-Bike Assessment

The physical assessment allows us to see your strength, flexibility level as well as your body dimensions. These measurements allow us to see what type of positioning is best for your body.

on bike assessment

On-Bike Assessment

We can use our fit bike to recreate any road bicycle from any brand. We will then take the information obtained from your physical assessment and adjust the fit machine to the most comfortable and efficiency position for you. Once completed, we will extract the coordinates from the fit machine to modify your current or future bike.

Your Fit Backed by Technology

fit bike

Fit Bike

The Precision Fit Bike allows you to try different set ups within minutes. We can have you try different stem lengths/rises, different crank lengths, different bar widths, and different seat heights and angles. Using our database, we are able re-create essentially any bike and make adjustments as necessary. This is an excellent opportunity to try different sizes and chose which one feels best before buying a bike.

motion capture

Motion Capture

The Motion Capture technology allows your fit expert to explain, graphically, the fit process to you step by step. The system films you while you are riding the fit bike and allows us to show you trends and improvements that can be made to your riding position.

saddle pressure analysis

Saddle Pressure Analysis

The Pressure Analysis Technology allows both you and your fit expert to see your saddle data in real time. This analysis shows different pressure points and your movement in the saddle when you are in motion.  From this data, we can determine how stable you are on your saddle and optimizes your pedaling dynamics.


Price: $450.00

How Long: 4+ Hours

What to bring with you: On the day of the appointment please remember to bring all your normal cycling clothing. Please bring your bike and any model specific parts that might be used in a fitting (eg Aerobar accessories).

Triathlon and TT fittings: If you have booked a Triathlon or TT fitting please bring your race clothing, helmet, sunglasses and your nutrition/hydration components. These all impact fitting particularly if you are a long course athlete.

Existing Parts: If you have saddles/stems or other components that you think we could use in the process please feel free to bring those along.