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Edmonton Bike Fitting Service

Ride further, faster, and in comfort. 

Achievable from a Professional Bike Fit.

Whether you are going for that top spot on the podium, prepping for a cross-Canada ride, bike commuting daily, or even looking at buying a new bike, whatever your goals, our bike fitters are ready to serve you.  We believe in a fit the rider, not fit the bike. You are unique, and the Cranky’s Bike Shop fit protocol prioritizes what makes you…you.

Why you need a professional bike fitting

A professional bike fitting is a bespoke experience tailored specifically for you to address your goals, physiology, and concerns.  

Comfort: Saddle pains? Numb hands? Sore back? Our bike fitters can assess and work with you to address the cause of the discomforts that detract from your ride experience. 

Performance: A tailored bike fitting will get you in the most efficient and optimized position to get the most out of your bike so you can ride further, longer, and faster.  

How to Book a Bike Fitting

Click the "Contact Us" button below to fill out our fitting web form. Once we have received your web form, one of our Fit Technicians will call you to arrange an appointment.

All fitting services are by appointment only. Additional labor charges may occur. Parts and GST are not included in fit prices.

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Precision Fitting: The How's, Why's, and What's...

Our bike fitting process at our Unity Square location in Edmonton starts with a conversation with our specialist who asks about your goals and issues.


This is where we get to know you. The interview process allows us to understand the type of rider you are, this along with your fitness and riding goals will influence the way your bike will be fit to you, taking into consideration previous pain on the bike and any other related injuries.

Our Edmonton bike fitting pro will identify pain points in your riding.

Off-Bike Assessment

The physical assessment allows us to see your strength, flexibility level as well as your body dimensions. These measurements allow us to see what type of positioning is best for your body.

Our Edmonton bike fit also includes an on bike assessment where we dial in the best fit possible.

On-Bike Assessment

We can use our fit bike to recreate any road bicycle from any brand. We will then take the information obtained from your physical assessment and adjust the fit machine to the most comfortable and efficiency position for you. Once completed, we will extract the coordinates from the fit machine to modify your current or future bike.

Cranky's offers bike fitting services at our Unity Square location in downtown Edmonton

Our bike fitting studio in Edmonton

We offer professional bike fitting services at our Unity Square bike shop in downtown Edmonton. Bike fittings are by appointment only, click the "Contact Us" button below to fill out our fitting web form. Once we have received your web form, one of our Fit Technicians will call you to arrange an appointment.

Have any questions? E-mail our fit technicians at!

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Price: $350

How Long: 4+ Hours

What to bring with you: On the day of the appointment please remember to bring all your normal cycling clothing. Please bring your bike and any model specific parts that might be used in a fitting (eg Aerobar accessories).

Triathlon and TT fittings: If you have booked a Triathlon or TT fitting please bring your race clothing, helmet, sunglasses and your nutrition/hydration components. These all impact fitting particularly if you are a long course athlete.

Existing Parts: If you have saddles/stems or other components that you think we could use in the process please feel free to bring those along.

Upgrade your contact points

It's not all about angles and measurements! You can make a huge impact on how you feel while riding by upgrading your "touch points", or where your body contacts the bike. If your feet, hands, and butt are killing you, it's probably time you tired some new components and riding gear.