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Bar Mitts Extreme Mountain Bar Mitts

Bar Mitts Extreme Mountain Bar Mitts
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Waterproof, 5.5 mm thick neoprene with fleece on the inside and nylon lamination on the outside
Neoprene has a closed cell construction that features closed air bubbles that serve as insulators
Those who suffer from Raynaud's or numb, cold hands due to the cold, wild, rain or snow can continue to ride & train through Fall & Winter
Has a removable velcro cuff for easy access & removal of hands with no draw string complications
Has an expandable bar end plug, which keeps the mitts stiff and in place
Zipper can be opened for ventilation for temperature regulation
The Extreme Mitts are the pattern size of the XL Mountain Mitts. 11" wide by shifters/brakes, 13.25" long & has a 1" gusset (extra neoprene) on the inside & outside seam
Mitts are also available to accommodate Bar Ends (2 holes) or a Bar End Mirror ( 1 hole)
Easily installed & removed