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14-Inch (3-5 yr. old)

Check out all our 14-inch (3-5 yr. old) bikes for sale at Cranky's Bike Shop in Edmonton

14-inch bikes are the right choice for most kids between 3 and 5 years old. The 14" wheels are the next step up from the smallest 12" category to fit young cyclists as they grow. 14-inch bikes use different brakes depending on the model— most include at least one hand-actuated brake lever in addition to the familiar rear coaster brake.

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Rocky Mountain Edge Jr 14- New Colour
$349.00 $429.00 19% Off
Available in five wheel sizes and multiple frame sizes, there’s an Edge model ready to get them set up right for the ride ahead. Every Edge model is best for kids of any age learning to ride and for mastering the basics.
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