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IceToolz Cone Wrench
Double ended cone wrench
IceToolz Hub Cone Wrench Tool - 17/18mm
- Heat-treated Cr-Mo steel - Combo 17mm and 18mm
IceToolz Forged 8-Groove Spoke Wrench
- Spoke Wrench w/8 notches for 10 - 15 ga nipples - Forged Cr-Mo
IceToolz Crank Remover
- Crank Remover - With patented interchangeable adaptor fits both square & hollow axles. - For use with 8mm hex key wrench.
IceToolz Bottom Bracket Installation Tool
Bottom Bracket Installation tool for Shimano Hollowtech II
IceToolz Crank Tool
- Crank Extractor  - Contains 14x15mm sockets & 8mm hex key for crank bolt and crank arm removal.  - Patented interchangeable adaptor fits both square & hollow axles. 
IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit
Includes: BB cup tool, cassette tool, spoke wrenches, cone wrenches, headset wrench, chain whip, allen keys, 9/10 mm wrench, screwdrivers, patch kit, chain tool, pedal wrench, 14/15 mm crank bolt wrench, adjustable pin spanner, crescent wrench, tire levers, 8mm allen key, crank puller, and Torx 25 wrench
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