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bicycle tune-up

show your ride the appreciation it deserves. we can help.

Whether your bike is relatively new or an aged companion, ridden for recreation or for transportation, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its reliable and enjoyable operation. 

Cranky's has the expertise and experience to service, repair, and upgrade your bicycle. Our trained mechanics have learned what it takes to fix a bike right! The offseason is the ideal time to bring your bike in for its annual service - explore your options and plan your visit today.

Our Service Packages

We offer a variety of comprehensive bike service packages to meet your needs. When you bring your bike to us, a professional technician will evaluate your bike and discuss your options. We will suggest repairs according to your bike's current condition and value, and we will work within your budget. Stop by the shop or book an appointment by clicking the "Book Now" button below.

Cranky's Bike Shop is happy to service the mechanical (non-electrical) components of all E-Bikes. However, the service of electrical and motor components is restricted to the brands that are supported by our dealer network. These brands include but are not limited to: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Hydrive, Fazua, and TQ. Due to the complexity of some e-bike repairs the standard rate may not apply to all procedures. In these cases the shop hourly rate will apply.

All E-Bike batteries that comply with the mandatory U.S. CPSC and voluntary UL 2849 standards may remain with the bike during service and are generally required for software updates and general diagnostics. Any batteries that DO NOT comply with these standards MUST be removed from the bike and CANNOT be left with the bike. Battery non-compliance is assumed unless determined otherwise.

 E-Bike battery safety is a growing concern for bicycle retailers. Our policies reflect the current best practices with E-Bike components and we will continue to evaluate as the industry evolves.

Have a question for the service department? Give us a call at 780-458-9181 for St. Albert,  780-988-2088 for Riverbend Square or 587-474-1472 for Unity Square. Or send us an e-mail at for St. Albert, for Riverbend Square, or for Unity Square.

Level 1 service


Every 50 Riding Hours

Adjusted & Ready To Roll! 


Full Safety Inspection

Adjust Brakes and Derailleurs

Clean and Lubricate Chain

Wipe down bike  

Torque all bolts, fasteners, and components

Lubricate and adjust shifting components

Lubricate cables
Inspect bearings

Inflate tires 

Parts, supplies, installs, and GST not included

Level 2 service


Every 100 Riding Hours

Everything Cleaned, Adjusted & Aligned!

Includes Level 1 Service +

Full Bike Wash

Remove and degrease all drivetrain components and clean in solvent bath

Replace drivetrain components as needed

Major wheel true in truing stand

Parts, supplies, installs, and GST not included

Level 3 service


After 100 Riding Hours

Full Frame Strip & Rebuild

Includes Level 2 Service +

Strip entire bike, detail clean, and rebuild

Overhaul Headset

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

Overhaul hub bearings and freehub body

Major wheel true in truing stand

Parts, supplies, and GST not included 

Single Speed/ BMX Bike Service


After 50 Riding Hours

Adjusted, torqued, and ready to roll!


Wipe down bike

Full safety inspection

Torque all bolts, fasteners, components

Clean and lubricate chain

Adjust and inspect brakes

Adjust headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings

Inflate tires

Parts, supplies, installs, and GST not included

Drivetrain Service


After 100 Riding Hours

Drivetrain cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted!


Remove and degrease all drivetrain components and clean in solvent bath

Secure all bolts on the drivetrain

Lubricate or replace cables and housing

Lubricate chain and drivetrain components

Adjust derailleurs

Parts, supplies, and GST not included

Hydraulic Brake Service


After 100 Riding Hours


Full system bleed on front and rear brakes

Caliper clean and piston reset

Full system inspection

Major rotor true

Pad inspection and replacement if needed (parts extra)

Adjust calipers and levers
Parts, supplies, and GST not included

Plan Your Bike Service

We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work. Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive.

Schedule Your Drop-off

Maintain Your Ride at Home

For minor repairs and adjustments, it’s great to have a set of reliable tools on hand at home so that you can get out and ride. From proper inflation to drivetrain maintenance, be prepared for anything.

Complete the Experience

Bike maintenance is necessary but accessorizing your bike is the fun part (not that turning wrenches isn’t fun). Check out our selection of lights, fenders, racks, and more - we’ll even help with installation!

Ready to Refresh Your Ride?

Keeping your bike in shape is simple. Schedule your drop-off, bring your bike to us, and we’ll take it from there.