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Cranky's Cycling Club

Due to COVID-19 we have cancelled our club and club rides for the 2020 season. Membership for 2021 will open in Early January. See below for what we will be offering next season!

General Membership:

Looking to get out on some road or mountain bike rides with a group this season? Then this membership is for you! Our general club membership allows you to ride in our unisex club road rides and mountain ride. This membership EXCLUDES the Women's Mountain Bike Club. Please see membership below.

Women's Mountain Membership:

Our women’s mountain bike club is dedicated to providing a fun and encouraging environment for ladies to ride. We fully believe that riding with like-minded ladies is the best way to have fun on your bike!

Our coaches and ride leaders are extremely passionate about women’s mountain biking. Our goal is to always have fun on the trails. Our ladies that coach beginner and intermediate skills have NCCP coaching training. And on top of that, two of our coaches are PMBI certified! This membership gives you the ability to ride on any Cranky's ride night, including co-ed and road rides 

Membership Benefits

Being a member has its perks. Every club member receives the following:

1. ABA group ride insurance

2. 10% off regular priced parts and accessories until December 31st, 2021

3. Special discounts and promotions through the year!

4. Women's Mountain Club Membership extra: Includes a custom Cranky's 3/4 length Sombrio Jersey

Road Rides

Our road club offers road rides on the following days;

Drop/No Drop
Tuesday Skills Development and Training Ride6:30pm1 1/2 hours- 2 hoursNo Drop Ride
Tuesday Fast Ride6:30pm2 hoursDrop Ride
Thursday Rural Evening Ride6:30pm2 hoursNo Drop Ride
Sunday Long Distance Ride9:00am or 10:00am2-4 hours
No Drop Ride

Road Rides

B and C Level Rides:

All Cranky’s B and C rides are aimed at:

•Learning and improving your basic riding skills

•Learning and improving group riding skills

•Camaraderie and conversation – there is no better way to learn than to watch other experienced riders, ask questions, and be open to advice, 

All B and C group rides are “No Drop” rides. What exactly does this mean? No drop does not necessarily mean that the entire group rides at the pace of the slowest rider. It does mean however, that no rider will ride alone, and that if (when) the group does inevitably split up a bit – such as after a hill climb or a fun Strava segment – it will always regroup at the top of the hill or the next major intersection. 

All rides will be led by two experienced Cranky’s club riders. These riders were just like you at one time – new to the sport and or inexperienced at group road riding.

Fast Ride:

Our Cranky's Fast Ride is meant for individuals who are experienced road riders. This ride is meant for competitive cyclists looking to push the pace with a group. This ride is a "Drop Ride". This means if you can not maintain the speed the group is going, you will get left behind. To join this ride you must be able to maintain a speed of 35 km/h. 

Tuesday – Skills Development and Training

When: 6:30 pm (will move to 6:00 pm in late August)

Where: Meetup in the parking lot behind Cranky’s St. Albert. Routes will be posted on Strava at least 24 hours prior to the ride. Routes may be subject to last minute change, depending on weather conditions, construction advisories etc. 

What: There will be two groups in this ride – a “B” Group for riders with experience, and a “C” group for riders that are new to group rides or road riding in general. All B and C rides are “no drop” rides. 

B Group: You should be comfortable riding in groups, or feel that you are ready to learn. You should be able to maintain a solo pace of 26 – 28 km/h on an hour-long solo ride over varied terrain. This group will work on things like keeping a steady pace, communication, and will progress to rotating pace lines, riding in wind, hill repeats, perhaps some interval training. If this is your first experience with group rides, you’ll be amazed at the power of a group, how the draft will propel you along at speeds 5km/h faster than you can do on your own. Rides will be approximately 2 hours, covering 40 – 60 km. Fun!

C Group: No experience necessary. Just show up with your bike, a repair kit, a bell, a speedometer (basic $35 Cateye or equivalent is fine) rear light, water, and some nourishment. The year will start with the basics – Using your gears, clipping in and out, road awareness & etiquette, hand signals, communications, safety. As we move out onto the road, we’ll focus on understanding you and your bike’s capability - maintaining cadence, managing your effort, gentle hill climbing, predictability, situational awareness, staying fueled and hydrated etc. eventually, we will get into some real group riding, including pace line basics, getting you ready to move up to the B group. No pressure, though. If all you’re looking for is a casual social ride, there will always be a place for you. Rides will be approximately 90 minutes, covering 30 – 35 km – longer if the group feels up to it.

Tuesday- Fast Ride

When: 6:30 pm 

Where: Meetup in the parking lot behind Cranky’s St. Albert. Routes will be posted on Strava at least 24 hours prior to the ride. Routes may be subject to last minute change, depending on weather conditions, construction advisories etc. 

What:  This ride will be approximately 2 hours long, and will ride between 60-70 km. You must be able to ride at least 35km/h to participate in this group. This IS the fast ride... it can be fast, it could get competitive, we don't want to leave anyone behind but sometimes it happens. Please know the area, know the route, know how to get yourself home. 

Thursday – Rural Evening Ride 

When: 6:30 pm (will move to 6:00 pm in late August)

Where: Meetup in the parking lot behind Cranky’s St. Albert. Routes will be posted on Strava at least 24 hours prior to the ride. Routes may be subject to last minute change, depending on weather conditions, construction advisories etc. 

What: This is a B group ride, where we try to put into practice the skills we work on during the Tuesday ride.  This will be a little “sportier” than the Tuesday ride. As a general rule, you should have enough endurance for a solid 2 hour ride and you need to be comfortable riding in a group. Depending on the group, its possible that we split into two groups, one averaging about 27 – 30 km/h, and one a bit faster than that. 

If you normally a C group rider and you want to challenge yourself, you should have ridden at least a couple of times with the Tuesday B group to make sure you’ve had some exposure to group riding basics. 

Sunday – Endurance Rides

Fun and friendly. That’s what our weekend rides cover, besides a lot of the countryside around Edmonton. The goal is to build endurance while enjoying a social pace with lots of conversation and camaraderie. 

When: Between 9 and 10 am depending on the season. Exact times will be posted on Strava at least 48 hours prior to the ride

Where: It depends. Sometime Cranky’s, sometimes Mercato (Shops at Boudreau, but maybe something completely different.

What: a 2 – 4 hour social ride covering varied routes and terrain. These  weekend rides are perfect for putting in some quality kilometers while chatting with your club members. All rides have a stop either along the way or at the end for some social time at a local coffee house. Examples:

•A 70 – 90 km ride out west into the Glory Hills, maybe all the way to Onoway

•A 70km ride around the east end of Edmonton, including some pleasant rides through the river valley, with a stop at a local coffee house for some caffeine, cookies, and social patter. 

•A 70km ride starting from Ardrossan to Elk Island national park, riding quiet country roads, and waving at bison in the park. 

We will gradually work up to he 100 kilometer level, with a view to riding in a group in at least one “fondo” during the season, such as Le Tour de l’Alberta, the DV 100, or the MEC Fall Classic. 

If 70 – 80 km sounds too daunting, we can always do a smaller loop – say 40 km, passing by our start point for less experienced, or more time challenged riders to drop off, late joiners to hop on, and we continue for a second 40 km loop.


You will need:

  • A functioning road, gravel or cyclocross bike (mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or tri-bikes are not permitted)
  • Helmet
  • Flat Repair Kit
  • Water

Co-ed Mountain Club 

Our co-ed mountain club offers a ride on the following day:

Drop/No Drop
Tuesday Co-ed Ride7:00pm2 hoursNo Drop Ride

Co-ed Mountain Rides

Our Mountain Rides are perfect for cyclists looking to ride with other mountain bikers. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm. The first two weeks of the month we meet in Terwillegar Park and the rest of the month we meet at various trails in the Edmonton area. We offer two different paces, an "A" group and a "B" group. Both rides will always meet at the same location, but will ride trails of differing difficulty levels. All mountain bike club rides are no drop, meaning that no one will be left to ride alone. 

Please note: These rides are best suited for intermediate/advanced level riders. Riders must be comfortable riding on most single track and riding trails with roots, bridges and hills. We do not offer sessioning or skills training on these rides.

A Group

The A group is best suited for riders that are very confident handling technical trails. This group will typically ride between 20-25km in an evening and will ride some of the harder trails. 

B Group

The B group is best suited for riders that are comfortable riding singletrack trails, but may typically choose to ride less technical trails. This group rides between 10-15km in an evening at a slightly slower pace than the A group, and will ride green/blue level trails.  


You will need:

  • A functioning mountain bike (hybrid/commuter bikes are not sufficient
  • Helmet
  • Bell
  • Flat Repair Kit
  • Water

We also highly recommend:

  • Bugspray
  • A snack
  • Riding Glasses
  • Full finger gloves

Women's Mountain

Our women's mountain club offers a ride on the following day:

Drop/No Drop
Thursday Women's Mountain Ride7:00pm2 hoursNo Drop Ride

Women's Mountain Club

Our group rides on Thursday nights, with the season typically beginning in early May and continuing into the fall. The rides start at 7:00 PM sharp and run until approximately 9:00 PM. We meet at various locations in the river valley to give us the chance to experience a variety of trails. All riders are invited (and encouraged!) to join us for social hour after the ride at a local venue.

Registration FULL

We are excited to announce that we will have five women’s groups at our weekly ride this year:

If mountain biking is new to you, this is the group you’ll want. Our focus will be on learning the skills you need to safely enjoy singletrack. We will start at the basics and progress throughout the season. We’re here to introduce you to mountain biking, help you conquer trails, and make sure you have a blast while doing it. It’s expected that beginners are already comfortable riding a bike but have little to no experience riding singletrack. See further down for what gear you’ll need!

Beginner Plus

This group is designed for riders that have at least one season of singletrack experience but aren’t quite ready to call themselves intermediates. The focus will be on reviewing skills and building confidence in a coached environment. Expect to cover more distance at a slightly faster pace than our beginner group.

Intermediate Sessioning

This is a great option for anyone who is already comfortable riding singletrack but is looking to fine-tune their skills. The goal is to enjoy a full ride but still find a bit of time to work on skills. We will review a select skill during each ride and choose one to two trail features to session (practice) with the support and feedback of trained coaches. If you would like more focus on coaching, consider joining our beginner plus group.

This group has 10 spots each week. Intermediate riders will reserve their spot in the group weekly on a first come, first served basis. This allows intermediate riders the flexibility to move between the three intermediate groups. If you don’t make it into the sessioning group for the week, there will be room for you in one of our flow groups!

Intermediate Social Flow

For the ladies that just want to ride at a recreational pace. We will guide you through the singletrack for a fun ride. We expect that you have previous mountain biking experience and are comfortable riding the Edmonton area blue trails. This group will not include skill development work; however, intermediate riders are encouraged to switch back and forth between the sessioning and flow groups as much as they want.

Intermediate Flow

For the ladies that just want to ride a little bit faster. Otherwise, the same as our social flow group.


You will need:

  • A functioning mountain bike (hybrid/commuter bikes are not sufficient)
  • Helmet
  • Bell
  • Flat Repair Kit
  • Water

We also highly recommend:

  • Bugspray
  • A snack
  • Riding Glasses
  • Full finger gloves

Women's Mountain Club Testimonials:

1. “Leaders were amazing. Skilled, patient and always encouraging. I felt that they cared about my own skills and development in the sport. They knew when I could tackle certain features or trails. I felt safe to learn, ask questions and make mistakes. The groups were always well organized and the trail routes mapped. The riders were great too. Nice to meet such wonderful women.”

2. “Awesome group of ladies!”

3. “This group was seriously more than I hoped. The ladies I met, the things I learned, this experience was so much MORE than I expected. That doesn’t happen very often, and I am so grateful to everyone behind it for the experience.”