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The Garmin Edge 530

Garmin released their new Edge 530 in April this year. Including new features and upgrades from it’s predecessor, the Edge 520, the Edge 530 has a faster processer, larger 2.6-inch display, and longer claimed battery life of 20 hours. It also has a new set of features specifically for trail riding making it a versatile tool for both on and off road. 

Able to integrate with Trailforks and coming preloaded with trails in over 80 countries, the new Edge 530 gives a detailed view of trail networks and difficulty ratings for each trail. Garmin has also introduced a new feature called ForkSight, which tells you which way to turn if you pause at a fork in the trail. This all adds up to more time riding and less time spent trail finding. 

For trail-specific metrics, the Edge 530 has a new Flow score calculating how smoothly you descend a trail, and a Grit score calculating how difficult a route is based on elevation and accelerometer data. It will also recognize if you do a jump, measuring your distance, hang time, and total jump count. 

Now what if you take a crash, catapulting your Edge 530 into the greenery? Garmin has a built in ‘Find My Edge’ feature that helps you locate the device using your smart phone. It also has an accident detection feature that will notify your emergency contact if you run into trouble.

Keeping with the safety and security theme, the Edge 530 come with a bike alarm that can be turned on when you are stopping for a post ride coffee. If your bike is moved, the Edge 530 will sound a loud alarm and send a notification to your smart phone telling you to get back to your bike ASAP. 

Speaking of post ride, if you are looking at the Edge 530 there’s a good chance that post ride analysis is a key part of your routine. The Edge 530 breaks training from the past four weeks down into three levels- low aerobic, high aerobic, and anaerobic, helping you gauge how balanced your routine has been. 

As expected, the Edge 530 provides a wide range of detailed training analytics, can pair with heart rate and power sensors, and can sync workouts from Garmin Connect or Training Peaks. A new feature to the Edge 530 is ClimbPro, which tells you how much farther you have on an ascent and the climb’s grade allowing you to gauge how hard to push to the top.  It also monitors your acclimation to different environments, so whether you are training at high altitude or in hot weather, you can tell how well you are acclimating. To keep on top of hydration and calorie intake, you can set reminders to eat and drink water over the course of a workout, a helpful feature if you tend to power through your rides, forgetting to refuel. 

As for using with commuting, set your route and the Edge 530 gives you turn by turn directions. The processor is super speedy, calculating your route in a matter of seconds, and routes based on paths taken by fellow cyclists to help keep you on bicycle friendly paths and trails. If you happen to take a wrong turn, it will re-route to get you back on track. It also integrates with Garmin’s line up of Varia lights so you can ensure you are visible on the roads. To further customize your device, you can download apps and widgets such as AccuWeather, Strava, Yelp, and others from the Connect IQ Store.

Overall, we are pretty excited about the new Garmin Edge 530. Aimed at providing useful features to mountain bikers, road riders, and commuters alike, this is a cycling computer for every person.