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Bike Fitting

Cycling Shouldn’t Be Painful.

We’ve all been there.  After a long winter, you take your bike out of the garage and go for your first ride of the season. Then the pain sets in; your seat isn’t comfortable, your back aches, maybe your hands or feet go numb. It’s something we’ve all experienced, and there are solutions. Getting your bike professionally fit to your body and your riding needs is not just for racers. We want to help you get the most out of your riding experience, and this starts with your bike being fit to you.

Having a bike set up to your specifications influences both comfort and performance. Getting fit by a professional allows you to be more comfortable when you ride.  When you’re comfortable you can ride harder and longer. We tailor the bike you currently have (or want to purchase) to your body and your riding style. It’s a common misconception you will adapt to the pain you experience while riding. Your pain is most likely to increase without adjustment to your riding position.

Trek Precision Fit

Why Get a Fitting from Cranky’s?

Bike Fit     Lower Leg Position

A properly fitted bike is essential to beginner riders, and equally for seasoned cyclists, as it influences the enjoyment and the comfort level achieved when riding. Our fit experts have graduated from the Trek Precision Fit class Levels 1 and 2. They are trained by Trek’s fitters who ensure that all of Trek’s professional athletes are properly fit to their bikes. They are dedicated to assist riders of any level achieve both comfort and efficiency when cycling. We love creating a community of bike riders. 

Fit Expert Profiles

Fernando Darakchian, Sales Manager

Education: Achieved Trek Precision Fit Level 1 & 2 in 2016

Bike Industry Experience: 2 years

Fernando enjoys any chance to get outside and go riding; anytime of the year. Getting customers comfortable on their bikes has been his goal since his first day on the sales floor. Fernando believes that the perfect fit is achievable for all riders of all skill levels. He loves the opportunity to get to know 

Andrew Phelps, Owner

Fit Education: Achieved Trek Precision Fit Level 1 & 2 in 2008, with training in Triathlon Fit

Andrew started Cranky’s Bike Shop 16 years ago, and has participated in numerous different bike races throughout the years. He has completed road, mountain, fat bike and cyclocross races. In addition, Andrew has also completed numerous triathlon’s including Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

The Fit Process

Bike Fit Process

Achieving proper fit takes time. The fit process can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours depending on the package chosen. Fittings can be broken down into 3 different parts:

The Interview: This is where we get to know you. The interview process allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the type of rider you are and the current riding you do. This along with your fitness and riding goals for the future will influence the way your bike will be fit to you. We want to know where you want riding to take you. Maybe you want to try a Fondo, road racing or a triathlon. We tailor the fit process to you as an individual. We also take into consideration previous pain on the bike and any other related injuries. This interview allows us to have a base understanding of you before moving into the physical assessment and on bike assessment.

The Physical Assessment: Your flexibility influences the positions you can maintain on a bike. The physical assessment allows us to see your strength and flexibility level so we can recommend a fit that will best suit your needs. We will also measure body dimensions and will assess your posture. These measurements will allow us to see what type of positioning is best for your body.

On Bike Assessment: This is where it gets fun. Utilizing the Trek Pure Position Fit Software, we can use our fit bike to recreate any road bicycle from any brand. We will then take the information obtained from your physical assessment and adjust the fit machine to the most comfortable position for you.  We will then use saddle pressure analysis and motion capture analysis to perfect your set up.  Once completed, we will extract the coordinates from the fit machine and enter them into the precision fit system. This will give us the exact modifications for your current or future bike.

The Technology

Pressure Analysis: Technology can help us all become better riders. Trek Precision Fit pressure analysis technology allows both you and your fit expert to see your saddle data in real time. The system uses a pressure activated mat that sits over your saddle and is linked to analysis software.  This analysis shows different pressure points and your movement in the saddle when you are in motion. From this data, we can determine what saddle would be most comfortable for you, your ideal saddle position, and optimizes your pedalling dynamics.

Motion Capture: The Trek Precision Fit motion capture technology allows your fit expert to explain, graphically, the fit process to you step by step. The system films you while you are riding the fit bike and allows us to show you trends and improvements that can be made to your riding position. The video feedback allows you to get involved with the fit and gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

Fit Bike: The Precision Fit Bike allows you to try different set ups within minutes.  We can have you try different stem lengths/rises, different crank lengths, different bar widths, and different seat heights and angles. Using our database, we are able re-create essentially any bike and make adjustments as necessary. This is an excellent opportunity to try different sizes and chose which one feels best before buying a bike. Best of all, we will have your perfect fit saved, so you have it when you need it.


Bike Sizing $ 50.00  Please allow 30 minutes for fitting

Road Fitting (traditional) $ 150.00  Please allow one hour for fitting

Tri Fitting (traditional) $200.00 Please allow 1.5 hours for fitting

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis Road Fitting $270.00 (Trek Precision Fit Machine used) Please allow approx. 2 hours for this fitting package.

The Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis includes a thorough custom analysis of rider biomechanics and movement through the use of high-speed video, resulting in the best analysis of your position on the bike.

  •        Physical assessment
  •        Shoe sizing and cleat placement
  •        Saddle selection / height / fore and aft position
  •        Stem length and position
  •        Handlebar width and position

Motion Capture / Pressure Analysis Road Fitting $350.00 (Trek Precision Fit Machine used) Please allow approx. 3 hours for this fitting package.

  •         Physical assessment
  •         Shoe sizing and cleat placement
  •         Saddle selection / height / fore and aft position
  •         Saddle pressure analysis
  •         Stem length and position
  •         Handlebar width and position
  •         Video Analysis of Cycling position

What to bring:

On the day of your appointment please bring your normal cycling clothing and cycling shoes. Please bring your bike and any model specific parts that might be used in a fitting (eg Aerobar accessories).

Give us a call 780 458-9181 or e-mail to set up an appointment today!

Please note: All fitting services are by appointment only. Additional labor charges may occur. Parts and GST are not included in fit prices.